Berserker Shirt from Half Empty Clothing

Clerks Mooby White T-Shirt

Mooby Shirt from Stylin Online

Clerks Mooby's Purple T-Shirt

Mooby’s Uniform Shirt from Stylin Online

Kevin Smith's Clerks Logo T-Shirt

Clerks Logo Shirt from Stylin Online

Clerks II Ranger Danger T-Shirt

Ranger Danger Shirt from Stylin Online

Why is Clerks T-shirt worthy?

Clerks was made on a budget of only $28,000 yet it gave us classic bits like salsa shark and Berserker. That is a great return on investment.

When is it appropriate to wear a Clerks T-shirt?

If you work at a convenience store, a Clerks t-shirt is mandatory. Your name tag will pin to it nicely.

Rotten Tomatoes Score for Clerks 87%

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2 thoughts on “Clerks

  1. Olaf

    Oh man that Olaf Berserker t-shirt is amazing! My love for the Berserker shirt is like a truck. Berserker!

  2. Billy-O

    Being a berserker myself, I will be purchasing this berserker t-shirt. I just hope i don’t break my crazy neck on a ladder.

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