Jurassic Park

Paleozoic Park Shirt from Bustedtees

Tee Rex Shirt from Snorgtees

Jurassic Park Logo Shirt from CrazyDog Tees

Clever Girl Shirt from Snorgtees

Dino DNA Shirt from Bustedtees

Mr. DNA T-Shirt from Crazy Dog Tshirts

Why is Jurassic Park T-shirt worthy?

The T-Rex attack scene alone makes Jurassic Park t-shirt worthy, not to mention that Jurassic Park introduced us all to the Velociraptor.

When is it appropriate to wear a Jurassic Park T-shirt?

Wear a Jurassic Park t-shirt under your lab coat while you try to genetically engineer things.

Rotten Tomatoes Score for Jurassic Park 84%

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7 thoughts on “Jurassic Park

  1. slickR1ck

    Man, somebody needs to make a shirt that says “hold on to your butts.” Sam Jackson said that quote like a thousand times in Jurassic Park. That would make a sick shirt yo.

  2. Jerry

    I loved it when Newman from Seinfeld got eaten by that dinosaur. This is one of my favorite movies for sure.

  3. J457


    Why aren’t there more Jurassic Park shirts?

  4. C. Sims

    Sometimes I pretend I am Doctor Alan Grant and I am surviving by my wits in a land of Dinosaurs. Needless to say, I am a huge nerd and I have no friends.

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